We offer a range of services in the areas of land surveying, civil engineering and landscape architecture. Examples of the work we can assist you with include;

  • Boundary repeg or redefinition - to relocate existing boundaries.

  • Topographic surveys - to determine levels and locate features.

  • Shadow studies - for new or existing buildings.

  • 3D visualisations - to see how the completed development will look.

  • Subdivision - including Resource Consent application, engineering design, construction management and Land Transfer survey.

  • Setout - for buildings, services or earthworks.

  • Landscape design - private, public and commercial spaces.

  • Roading engineering - road, walkways and driveway design, contract and tender documentation, project management and site supervision.

  • Earthworks - design, set-out and volumes.

  • As-built Survey - to record the final position of new services.