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- The 3rd Dimension team

In continuation with our entry below, we overview some projects in Wellington and Nelson were Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems have been used. These projects have enhanced the urban context where they were used. Some are in the central city others in residential areas. We believe they all offer a respite from the city hardscape and create opportunities for people to enjoy, relax or be playful with nature.

We couldn't miss the opportunity to use our blog to talk about Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS). We believe there is much to gain from these systems not only environmentally, aesthetically and functionally but also for the wellness of the communities. Bringing nature closer to cities to manage water runoff promotes a new way of interacting and understanding our urban environments.

This second entry to our blog gives an introduction to SuDS and will be followed by another entry were we discuss some projects in New Zealand were these systems have been used.

Nelson has an interesting collection of street art. "Nau Mai Kai Toku Ahuru Mowai" is a striking piece of art, which marks the eastern entrance to the city. The Sculptor, Juanjo Novella has managed to capture the city’s soul with this masterpiece.