Boundary Repeg or Redefinition

There are a few reasons you may need to locate your boundary pegs
• If building a house or garage near your boundary you will need to find your boundary pegs to confirm the building is in the correct place.
• If building a fence you may need to find the pegs to agree on the alignment of the fence with your neighbour.
• In the event of a dispute over the boundary location with a neigbour.

Property boundaries are legally required to be monumented when an allotment is first created. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but the majority of boundaries are pegged with wooden boundary pegs, usually with the lot numbers carved on each side. Depending on the position of the boundary a traditional wooden peg is not always practical. Aluminium disks are a common alternative often used in fence posts or driveways.

Fences provide a quick indication of the properties boundaries, but these can be misleading, as some fencelines are not on the boundary. The obvious place to search for your pegs is at the fence corners. However, boundary pegs often get disturbed during fence construction or are damaged by other activities which can make them difficult to find. If you can not find the pegs, or do find them but they are disturbed, you will need to contact us to check or replace the pegs.